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how to use dm383 digital multimeteruei dm383 digital multimeter manual

The DM383B is a handheld, battery powered digital multimeter that is designed to meet IEC this manual the word "WARNING" is used to indicate conditions or actions that See the accessories in UEi's full-line ca t a l o g. • Do not open the UEi DM384 Digital Multimeter with Capacitance. DM384 Digital Multimeter ADVANCED TROUBLESHOOTING TECHNOLOGY FOR TOUGH Related manuals. Manual. Functions. • True RMS. • 700 Amps AC and DC. • 750 Volts AC and DC . MODEL. DESCRIPTION. C770000 DM384. Digital Multimeter. DM384 UEiTEST.COM is an online center of UEi information for both .. Fuses. AF155, AF160. Manual. DM384. DIGITAL MULTIMETER. Functions. • 750 Volts AC View and Download UEi DM383 instruction manual online. DM383 Multimeter True rms 1000v digital multimeter w / temperature (12 pages). Multimeter UEi Get UEi Test Instruments DM384 User Manual. DM384 Digital Multimeter Limited Warranty The DM384 is warranted to be free from defects in materials and The DM391/ 393 are some of our safest industrial duty meters ever made. All inputs, ranges and functions protected to 1000 Volts CAT III. Perfect for. H VAC and UEi DM384 Test and Measurement Instruments Digital Multimeter. HVAC Pro Multimeter- on Sale at the Test Equipment Depot. Manual, 848 KB PDF. Manual. • 9 Ranges. • 300 Amps AC. • 600 Volts AC. • Resistance to 1000?. • Test Leads . All service shipments received at UEi are scheduled as normal Meter Kit. DM384. Digital Multimeter. DM200. Digital Multimeter. DM383B. Digitalthis manual the word "WARNING" is used to indicate conditions or actions that may . This is a 4000 count, autoranging digital multimeter that employs high.

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